What is an industrial gearbox?

What is an industrial gearbox?

What is an industrial gearbox? Today, gearboxes play an important role in industries and mines, and each one has its own functions and applications. They are used in various industries to transmit power. The equipment used inside the gearboxes greatly affects the performance of a gearbox.

What is the work of an industrial gearbox? Gearboxes are equipment that are widely used in industries and factories.

The job of gearboxes is to transfer power from one car to another. Transmissions transfer mechanical power from an engine to a machine.

In all gearboxes, power is generally transmitted through the shaft.

What is torque?
Force torque or rotational force is the factor that causes the object to rotate or rotate. As the force causes the body to move.

As force causes an object to accelerate in linear motion. Torque is a quantity and its direction depends on the direction of the force axis.

One of the most important parameters in three-phase electric motors is its torque.

Sometimes it is possible that this parameter is included on the engine plate, although this is not fixed.

If you don’t see the term (Torque) or torque on the electric motor plate, you can calculate the motor torque using the following formula.

Formula for torque calculation (kW speed 9550 KW) Multiply the number 9550 by the value of kW and then divide the obtained number by the engine speed.

If the engine power is (30KW) and its speed is 1420, its nominal torque will be as follows according to the following formula:

9550 * 30 / 1420 = 200

Industrial gearbox components

What is torque work?
For example, you have disconnected a pump from the engine and you intend to turn the engine shaft by hand.

As long as the motor is not in the water, you can simply turn the shaft by hand.

So your hand is able to create the necessary torque and cause it to rotate.

Now let’s assume that you put the pump in water and you want to rotate the shaft.

In this case, you may not be able to rotate the pump or you may be able to do so with difficulty.

So you cannot create the necessary torque for rotation in this situation.

Keshtavar’s lever

Incremental gearbox
What is the difference between an increaser gearbox and an industrial gearbox?

In these gearboxes, the speed of the output rotation is increased and the amount of torque is reduced.

Incremental gearboxes work the opposite of reduction gearboxes.

This model of gearboxes can offer consumers a higher speed than the input mode.

For example: if the smaller gear rotates three times and the larger gear rotates one time, this set is called a gearbox with a ratio of one to three.

In general, the ratio of a gearbox is obtained by dividing the number of gear revolutions.

The shaft that rotates faster in the gearbox is called the put shaft

Or the input shaft and the shaft that is in charge of power transmission and rotates at a lower speed is called the output shaft.

Centrifuges are one of the main uses of this model of gearboxes.

 Types of industrial gearboxes

Types of industrial gearboxes

 SEW gearbox

SEW gearbox

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