Rezayat Gearbox Manufacturing Company (Principle)

Rezayat Gearbox Manufacturing Company (Principle), a manufacturer of industrial gear reducers with various capacities and diverse speeds, takes pride in serving the flourishing of the industry and technical knowledge. By employing skilled and dedicated personnel and utilizing precise and advanced machinery, we aim to take fundamental steps towards our country’s independence from importing industrial products in this field. This company officially began its operations in 1991 in the production of industrial gear reducers, compliant with German standards, under the management of Mr. Mohammad Reza Rezayat. We are proud to have received an activity certificate from the Ministry of Industry, Mine, and Trade for establishing a complete production line of gearboxes in various sizes and speeds. After years of effort, research, and innovation, we have been able to produce a product that represents Iran and Iranians with excellence. Our customers are leaders in various markets including manufacturing, mining, oil and gas, petrochemicals, agriculture, construction, and energy production. As pioneers in the gearbox industry, we take pride in exporting our products to other countries, which is a testament to the high quality of our products and our prompt support.

MohammadReza Rezayat