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Rezayat gearbox services

The production and industrial company of Saziti Gearbox Sazi (Principle), the manufacturer of industrial gear reducers with different powers and different revolutions, has the honor of serving the prosperity of the industry and technical knowledge and using expert and committed forces and precise machines and Advanced, so that the country does not need to import this product, take fundamental steps in this field. In 1370, in a workshop of about 200 meters with limited facilities, this company started its activity in the field of production of industrial gearboxes reducing the round design and in accordance with the German standard, under the management of Mr. Mohammad Reza Satsit, and in 1378, it was proud to receive an industrial activity certificate. And the full production line of gearboxes in different sizes and rounds has been launched and after years of effort, research and innovation and by trusting God Almighty in all matters, we were able to produce a product that is worthy of Iran and Iranians. The satisfaction gearbox industry has been formed in line with supporting customers and producing high quality products and paying attention to low cost in relation to the maintenance of devices and production lines.

Providing technical advice

Special gearbox design and production

Reverse Engineering

Production of typical electrogearbox

Haloshaft gearbox

This gearbox has the ability to install the electric motor separately and even at the place of use. The input of this gearbox is designed in such a way that the flanged electric motor with the specified specifications on the gearbox is connected to the gearbox by 4 connecting screws.

This gearbox is produced without an electric motor, which the buyer orders based on the kW of the motor and the size of the motor shaft.

Base gearbox

This gearbox is produced with different revolutions from 20 to 400 revolutions and in kW and different revolutions at the customer’s request.

This gearbox can be installed on the chassis of the device from the base part

Flanged gearbox

This gearbox has a flange on the front, which can be used for installation in different vertical or horizontal positions.

Double shaft gearbox

This gearbox is designed in such a way that instead of the electric motor, the input shaft is placed in the input part, and the other side is the output shaft, which shows the circumference of the gearbox, which is known as double shaft gearbox.

Combined gearbox

This gearbox is used for production lines from half a revolution to 16 revolutions in different sizes.

Asal, as a manufacturer of long-distance reduction industrial gearboxes with different powers, has the honor of having a dedicated and expert workforce and benefiting from technical knowledge and advanced machinery in the path of progress and The prosperity of the industry and economy of the Islamic Republic of Iran and other countries of the world should play an important role. This company started its activity in the field of production of industrial gearboxes in 1370 and today it is proud that after three decades of effort and innovation, with the certificate of industrial activity and the launch of a complete production line of gearboxes in different sizes and rounds according to European standards, has been able to gain a prominent position in the field of production of industrial gearboxes with high quality and precision inside and outside the country.

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