Haloshaft gearbox

Haloshaft gearbox

This gearbox has the ability to install the electric motor separately and even at the place of use. The input of this gearbox is designed in such a way that the flanged electric motor with the specified specifications on the gearbox is connected to the gearbox by 4 connecting screws.

This gearbox is produced without an electric motor, which the buyer orders based on the kW of the motor and the size of the motor shaft.

Haloshaft gearbox

Haloshaft gearbox is produced in different forms for different industrial uses. Types of haloshaft gearboxes include solar haloshaft gearboxes, helical haloshaft gearboxes and helical haloshaft gearboxes. The main role of the haloshaft gearbox is to reduce the engine speed. Haloshaft gearboxes enable direct connection with electric motors without the need for a coupling system between two machines and through the entry of the output shaft of the electric motors into the shaft hole of the Haloshaft gearbox. This also simplifies the disassembly process for repairs, maintenance and component maintenance, and the two systems work together with simple connection and easy disassembly.

Technical specifications of Haloshaft gearbox

The alignment of the input and output axes of the hollow shaft gearbox depends on the type of electric gearbox, and in solar gearboxes it is usually aligned and in helical gearboxes it is perpendicular to each other. Haloshaft gearboxes are connected to the system on one side by entering the electromotor shaft and on the other side by connecting bolts and nuts inside the holes designed on their flanges. Haloshaft gearboxes occupy less space in the system than other types of electric gearboxes, which is due to the elimination of the coupling system with the engine. Also, the haloshaft gearbox provides the ability to connect at any angle, vertically and horizontally, with different designs, and the permanent lubrication system without the need to charge them makes their installation in special situations more powerful.

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